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LGS Logistic Consulting GmbH


In 1980, a spin-off of services transformed the Bay Corporate Group into LGS Logistic Consulting GmbH.
The company focuses on the purchase, sale and assembly of logistic equipment, including heavy-duty vehicles and containers.

Our portfolio of services includes

  • Transportation logistics consulting
  • Purchasing, sales and rental of heavy-duty vehicles
  • Purchasing, sales and rental of containers
  • Leasing and financing brokerage
  • Development of special superstructures for tank and silo equipment
  • Logistics project management

At the same time, our company sources and supports system partners in the logistic sector.

This includes supporting new company start-ups, as well as assistance during restructuring of business divisions.
Since the company was founded, we have recruited over 100 system partners, some of whom we have cooperated with successfully for 20 years now.

In addition, we act as brokers for financing, leasing or rental agreements, including containers and chassis or suitable superstructures.

By bundling sales, marketing and financing, our company is in a position to offer excellent purchasing, supply and payment terms.

This is backed up by over 20 years experience on the market.